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Reed MS, Ferre M, Martin-Ortega J, Blanche R, Dallimer M, Lawford-Rolfe R, Holden J 2020) Evaluating research impact: a methodological framework. Research Policy 50(1):104147

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Reichard B, Reed MS*, Chubb J, Hall G, Jowett L, Paert A (2020) Writing Impact Case Studies: A comparative study of high-scoring and low-scoring case studies from REF2014. Palgrave Communications 6: 31

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Reed MS, Bryce R, Machen R (2018) Pathways to policy impact: a new approach for planning and evidencing research impact. Evidence & Policy 14: 431-458

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Reed MS, Vella S, Challies E, de Vente J, Frewer L, Hohenwallner-Ries D, Huber T, Neumann RK, Oughton EA, Sidoli del Ceno J, van Delden H. (2018) A theory of participation: what makes stakeholder and public engagement in environmental management work? Restoration Ecology 26: S7-S17.

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Reed MS, Allen K, Dougill AJ, Evans, K, Stead SM, Stringer LC, Twyman C, Dunn H, Smith C, Rowecroft P, Smith S, Atlee AC, Scott AS, Smyth MA, Kenter J, Whittingham MJ (2017) A Place-Based Approach to Payments for Ecosystem Services. Global Environmental Change 43: 92-106

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Reed MS, Stringer LC, Fazey I, Evely AC, Kruijsen J (2014). Five principles for the practice of knowledge exchange in environmental management. Journal of Environmental Management 146: 337-345

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Rust NA, Iversen S, Vella S, Oughton E, Reed MS (under review) Perceived causes and solutions to soil degradation on UK arable farms. Science of the Total Environment

Rust NA, Stankovics P, Jarvis RM, de Vries J, Ingram J, Mills J, Glikman JA, Parkinson J, Toth Z, Reed MS (under review) Have farmers had enough of experts? Journal of Environmental Management

Jensen EA, Wong P, Reed MS (under review) How research data delivers non-academic impacts: A secondary analysis of UK Research Excellence Framework impact case studies. Nature Communications

Martin-Ortega J, Young DM, Glenk K, Baird AJ, Jones L, Rowe E, Evans C, Dallimer M, Reed MS (under review) Linking ecosystem changes to their social outcomes: lost in translation. Global Environmental Change

Bell K, Reed MS (under review) Tree of Participation: A New Tool for Engagers in Participatory Decision-Making. Public Policy and Administration

Zurek, M., Ingram, J., Reed, M.S. et al. (under review). Food System Resilience: A Dynamic Concept. Global Food Security

Martin-Ortega J, Young DM, Glenk K, Baird AJ, Jones L, Rowe E, Evans CD, Dallimer M, Reed MS (under review) Linking ecosystem changes to their social outcomes: lost in translation. Global Environmental Change

Reed MS, Fazey I (in prep.) Coproducing impact culture: grassroots ideas to transform how Universities tackle 21st century challenges. Frontiers in Sustainability

Reed MS, Gent S, Hansda R, Seballos F (in prep.) Impact strategies: part of the problem or a way to transform Universities into purpose-led institutions? Frontiers in Sustainability

Fazey I, Hodgson A, Hughes C, Leicester G, Moser S, Schapke N, Sharpe B, Reed MS (in prep.) Universities in a climate emergency: from what, to what, and how? Frontiers in Sustainability

Reed MS, Young D, Bain C, Baird A, Evans C, Dallimer M, Glenk K, Goodyer E, Jones L, Kenter J, Martin-Ortega J, Martino S, Pearce-Higgins J, Stewart G, Whittingham M (in prep.) Can restoration delay or stop tipping points being reached in the provision of ecosystem services from peatlands?

Martino S, Kenter J, Albers N, Reed MS, Whittingham MJ, Young D, Pearce-Higgins J (in prep.) Trade-offs between natural attributes and outdoor facilities in peatlands recreational activities under different management scenarios

Stewart GB, Young DM, Reed MS (in prep.) Improving evidence-based policy and practice in conservation biology requires us to think harder about what we measure, report and share

Reed MS, Curtis T, Gosal A, Kendall H, Ziv G, Rodgers C, Prior S, Hay M, Martin-Ortega J, Olesen AS (in prep.) Integrating ecosystem markets to deliver landscape-scale public benefits from nature

Kendall H, Reed MS et al. (in prep.) Interest, influence and impact: 3i's stakeholder analysis

Kendall H, Hansda R, Reed MS (in prep.) UK Dairy Farmer perceptions of and motivations for engagement with Landscape Enterprise Networks: a Delphi study

Jarvis RM, Reed MS, Cvitanovic C, Moon K, Addison PFE (in prep.) Key principles for robust and equitable research impact

Hansda R, Reed MS, Martin J, Kenter JO, Saxby H, Garrod G, Proctor A, Collins O, Guy JA (in prep.) Identifying with change: how identity, values and framing effects influence policy implementation


International peer-reviewed journal articles

* corresponding author

Rust NA, Jarvis RM, Reed MS, Cooper J (in press) The agenda setting role of the farming press in influencing adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. Agriculture and Human Values


Vella S, Carter C, Reed MS (in press) What can we learn from anthropology to conduct socially just participatory action research? Educational Action Research Journal

Coyne L, Kendall H, Hansda R, Reed MS, Williams DJL (2020) A mixed-methods study to explore the role of agri-environmental schemes on the resilience of the English dairy sector. Land Use Policy

Fazey I, Schapke N, Reed MS et al. (2020) Transforming knowledge systems for life on earth. Energy Research & Social Science

König H, CeausuS, Reed MS, H. Kendall, K. Hemminger, H. Reinke, E. Ostermann-Miyashita, E. Wenz, L. Eufemia, T. Hermanns, M. Klose, M. Spyra, T. Kuemmerle, A.T. Ford (in press) Integrated framework for stakeholder participation to identify and address human-wildlife conflicts. Conservation Science & Practice

Reed MS, Ferre M, Martin-Ortega J, Blanche R, Dallimer M, Lawford-Rolfe R, Holden J (2020) Evaluating research impact: a methodological frameworkResearch Policy 50(1):104147

Reed MS, Chapman P, Kendall H, Taylor AE, Stewart G, Ziv G, Young D, Blundell A, Kopansky D (2020) Improving the evidence base for delivery of public goods from public money in agri-environment schemesEmerald Open Research - Sustainable Food Systems DOI:10.35241/emeraldopenres.13833.1

Rust N, Ptak EN, Graversgaard M, Iversen S, Reed MS, de Vries J, Ingram J, Mills J, Neumann R, Kjeldsen C, Muro M, Dalgaard T (2020) Social Capital Factors affecting Uptake of Soil-Improving Management Practices. A review. Emerald Open Research - Sustainable Food Systems 2:8

Reichard B, Reed MS*, Chubb J, Hall G, Jowett L, Paert A (2020) Writing Impact Case Studies: A comparative study of high-scoring and low-scoring case studies from REF2014. Palgrave Communications 6: 31

Wreford A, Martin S, Reed MS (2019) Evidence-informed climate policy: mobilising strategic research and pooling expertise for rapid evidence generationClimatic Change

Rotz S, Duncan E, Small M, Botschner J, Dara R, Mosby I, Reed MS, Fraser EDG (2019) The Politics of Digital Agricultural Technologies: A Preliminary Review. Sociologia Ruralis

Evans CD, Baird AJ, Green SM, Page, S.E., Peacock, M., Reed, M.S., Rose, N.L., Stoneman, R., Thom, T.J., Young, D.M., Garnett, M.H. (2019). Comment on: “Peatland carbon stocks and burn history: Blanket bog peat core evidence highlights charcoal impacts on peat physical properties and long‐term carbon storage,” by Heinemeyer et al. Geo: Geography and Environment e00075. 

Baird, A.J., Evans, C.D., Mills, R., Morris, P.J., Page, S.E., Peacock, M., Reed, M.S., Robroek, B.J.M., Stoneman R., Swindles, G.T., Thom T., Waddington, J.M., Young D.M. (2019). Managing peatlands with fire? Nature Geoscience

Swart, J.A., Zevenberg, J., Ho, P., Cortina, J., Reed, M.S., Derak, M., Vella, S., Zhao, H. and van der Windt, H.J., 2018. Involving society in restoration and conservation. Restoration Ecology 26, pp.S3-S6.

Shackleton RT, Reed MS et al. (2018) Stakeholder engagement in invasion science. Biological Conservation

Wyborn C, Reed MS et al. (2018) Understanding the Impacts of Synthesis ResearchEnvironmental Science and Policy

Thomas RJ, Reed MS, Clifton K, Appadurai AN, Mills AJ, Zucca C, Kodsi E, Sircely J, Haddad F, von Hagen C, Mapedza E, Woldearegay K, Shalander K, Bellon M, Le QB, Mabikke S, Alexander S, Leu S, Schlingloff S, Lala-Pritchard T, Mares V, Quiroz R (2018) Modalities for Scaling up Sustainable Land Management and Restoration of Degraded Land. Land Degradation & Development 29:3272–3284.

Reed MS, Bryce R, Machen R (2018) Pathways to policy impact: a new approach for planning and evidencing research impact. Evidence & Policy 14: 431-458

Cvitanovic C, Löf M, Nortröm A, Reed MS (2018). Building university-based boundary organisations that facilitate impacts on environmental policy and practicePLoS One

Reed MS, Duncan S, Manners P, Pound D, Armitage L, Frewer L, Thorley C, Frost B (2018). A common standard for the evaluation of public engagement with research. Research For All

Teel TL, Anderson CB, Burgman MA, Cinner J, Clark D, Estévez RA, Jones JPG, McClanahan T, Reed MS, Sandbrook C (2018) Publishing social science research in Conservation Biology to move beyond biology. Conservation Biology

Chubb J, Reed MS (2018). The politics of research impact: implications for research funding, motivation and quality. British Politics 13: 295-311

Fazey I, Reed MS et al. (2018). Ten essentials for action-oriented and second order energy transitions, transformations and climate change researchEnergy Research and Social Science 40:54-70

Reed MS, Vella S, Challies E, de Vente J, Frewer L, Hohenwallner-Ries D, Huber T, Neumann RK, Oughton EA, Sidoli del Ceno J, van Delden H. (2018) A theory of participation: what makes stakeholder and public engagement in environmental management work? Restoration Ecology 26: S7-S17.

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