Past Projects

Understanding ecostytem stocks and tipping points in UK blanket peatlands

Funding: £456,000 from NERC Valuing Nature Programme (2016-2019)

Role: Principal Investigator


Global Peatlands Network

Funding: £78,554 from Global Challenges Research Fund, ESRC Impact Accelerator and Research England Higher Education Innovation Fund (2017-2020)

Role: Principal Investigator

Developing network ecology to understand and secure resilient food systems in Brazil and Argentina

Funding: £444,083 from Royal Society (2019-2021)

Role: Project Partner

Developing SUstainable PERmanent Grassland systems and policies (SUPER-G)

Funding: €200,000 Work Package €10M project from EU Horizon 2020 (2019-2024)

Role: Co-Investigator


SWEETeners and sweetness enhancers: Impact on health, obesity, safety and sustainability (SWEET)

Funding: €180,000 Work Package €9M project from EU Horizon 2020 (2019-2024)

Role: Co-Investigator


Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) Test and Trial

Funding: £104,000 sub-contract as part of a £287,000 project from Defra

Role: Co-Investigator

STFC Food Security Network+

Funding: £363,968 from STFC (2017-2019)

Role: Co-Investigator


Achieving sustainable intensification by integrating livestock into arable systems – opportunities and impacts

Funding: £8,000 from Defra (2018-2019)

Role: Co-I

Voices of veterinary experience

Funding: £7,650 from ESRC Impact Accelerator Fund (2016-17)

Role: PI with Susan Bradley and Philip Lowe

International Task Force for the CGIAR programme on Dryland Systems

Funding: £17,000 from Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) (2015-16)

Role: Co-Investigator

How best to assist communities to engage with decisions on land use, land management, and related services. Review of various tools and approaches to empowering communities in rural Scotland

Funding: £55K from Scottish Government

Role: Co-Investigator (2015)

Final report


Advancing knowledge on the costs, benefits, trade-offs of sustainable land management in southern Africa’s rangelands

Funding: €199,000 from the United Nations (Economics of Land Degradation Initiative)

Role: Co-Investigator (2014-15)

Project website


Impulse Report for United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Funding: €30,000 from United Nations

Role: Principal Investigator (2014-15)

Final report


Delivery of the Water Framework Directive through collaborative action between civil society and the private sector

Funding: £17,000 from WWF

Role: Co-Investigator (2015) 


Peatland Action

Funding: £99,000 from Scottish Natural Heritage

Role: Co-Investigator (2014-15)


Stakeholder deliberation & valuation of Peak District moorland management options framed within a payment for ecosystem services scheme

Funding: £12,000 from Defra

Role: Co-Investigator (2014)

Final report

Review of the impact of the Scottish Government

rural and environment strategic research portfolio

on policy and practice

Funding: £40,000 from Scottish Government

Role: Co-Investigator (2014)

Final report


BiodivERsA stakeholder engagement toolkit:

case studies

Funding: £12,000 from Joint Nature Conservation Council

Role: Co-Investigator (2013-14)



Developing the evidence base on Payments for

Ecosystem Service Beneficiaries in England

Funding: £75,000 from Defra (2013-14)

Role: Co-Investigator

Final report


Mapping, analysis and improved understanding of stakeholder groups to help sustain honey bee health

Funding: £115,000 from DEFRA (2012-2014)

Role: Principal Investigator



Shared Values Work Package, National Ecosystem Assessment (follow-on)

Funding: £264,000 from DEFRA, Welsh Government, NERC, ESRC and AHRC (2012-2013)

Role: Principal Investigator (joint PI with Jasper Kenter)


Visitor Giving - Payments for Ecosystem Services Pilot

Funding: £25,000 from DEFRA (2012-13)

Role: Principal Investigator

Final report

Peatland Code - Payments for Ecosystem Services Pilot

Funding: £25,000 from DEFRA (2012-13)

Role: Principal Investigator



Developing a Payment for Ecosystem Service scheme to provide revenues to moorland land-owners and/or occupiers participating in peatland restoration in Exmoor and Dartmoor, SW England

Funding: £25,000 from NERC and South West Water (2012-13)

Role: Project Manager and Advisor


Valuing nature’s services: moving towards payments for ecosystem services and conservation credits in the English Uplands

Funding: £40,000 from DEFRA and Natural England (2012-13)

Role: Co-Investigator

Final report


Involved - what makes stakeholder participation work?

Funding: £120,000 from the British Academy (Research Development Award) (2009-2012)

Role: Principal Investigator

Final Report


Valuing Peatlands: Assessing and valuing peatland ecosystem services for sustainable management

Funding: £43,037 from NERC Valuing Nature Network (2011-12)

Role: Principal Investigator



Ecosystem Markets Taskforce Phase 2

Funding: £110,000 from DEFRA (2011-12)

Role: Member of Expert Roster



Payment for Ecosystem Services Best Practice Guidance

Funding: £100,000 from DEFRA (2011-12)

Role: Co-Investigator

Final report


Sustainable Uplands: learning to manage future

Funding: £1.1M from the Rural Economy & Land Use

(RELU) programme, ESRC and Living With Environmental

Change (LWEC) partnership (2005-2011)

Role: Principal Investigator

Sustainable Uplands website

Sustainable Learning website


Managing Environmental Change at the Fringe

Funding: £200,000 from RELU and LWEC (2010-2011)

Role: Co-Investigator



Barriers & Opportunities to the Use of Payments
for Ecosystem Services

Funding: £58,000 from Defra (2010-2011) 

Role: Co-Investigator

Final report


Realising the Potential Contributions of Scotland’s Rural Land to Delivering Sustainable
Economic Growth

Funding: £55,000 from Scottish Government (2009)

Role: Co-Investigator

Final report


Behaviour for Well-being, Environment & Life

Funding: £249,000 from ESRC/BBSRC/MRC (2009-2010)

Role: Co-Investigator and Work Package leader

Ecocycles: Interacting impacts of land use and climate changes on ecosystem processes:
from cyclic herbivores to predators of conservation concern

Funding: €1.5M from NERC and EU Framework 6


Role: Co-Investigator



Desertification Mitigation & Remediation of Land (DESIRE)

Funding: €9m from EU Framework 6 (2006-2011)

Role: Work Package leader & University of Leeds

Principal Investigator