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PhD Students


Naomi Oakley

Social opportunities and barriers to regenerative agriculture on UK peatlands

Bella Reichard

How do researchers write about their impact? A linguistic analysis of research impact case studies


Dr Rosmarie Katrin Neumann

Uptake of peatland ecosystem service knowledge for decision-making

Dr Steven Vella

Stakeholder Involvement and Understanding the roles of different types of “knowledges” in Environmental and Social Impact Assessments within the Maltese Urban Development Planning System

Dr Kathleen Allen

Greenhouse gas dynamics and payments for ecosystem services in peatlands (co-supervision with University of Edinburgh)

Dr Doan Nainggolan

Modeling land use and water consumption in SE Spain (University of Leeds, 2010)

Prof Chris Raymond

The influence of human values, place attachment, beliefs and norms on the planting of native vegetation in rural South Australia (University of Aberdeen co-supervisor with student based at University of South Austrailia, 2012) 

Dr Gina Maffey

The use of digital technologies in rural landscapes (University of Aberdeen, 2014)

Dr Jasper Kenter

Implementing the ecosystem approach through deliberative valuation and participatory systems modelling (University of Aberdeen, 2014)

Helen Adamson

Effects of grip blocking on vegetation of blanket bog

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