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Research interests



My vision is to:

  • Enhance the sustainability and resilience of peatlands and agri-food systems

  • Change the way researchers around the world generate and share knowledge so they can change the world


My research builds on strong personal values, based on the generation of knowledge and impact through empathy. My approach to research is inclusive and collaborative, facilitating interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams to achieve novel insights whilst generating tangible benefits for society. My research and impact keeps my teaching on the cutting edge, so I can motivate and inspire students to affect change through their careers. I believe that now, more than ever before, we need to come together as a community to tackle the major challenges the world faces. This belief underpins my vision, gives me hope and drives everything I do.

Research interests include:

  • Research impact and stakeholder participation

    • Understanding knowledge and impact (co-)production processes

    • Boundary organisations and knowledge brokerage

    • Managing conflict in the natural environment

    • Stakeholder analysis

    • Participatory scenario development

    • Participatory monitoring and evaluation

    • Participatory modelling

    • Deliberative processes and techniques

    • Shared values for the natural environment

  • Environmental governance

    • Social learning

    • Socio-technical innovation and transitions management

    • Adaptive management

    • Resilience and sustainable livelihoods in social-ecological systems

    • Market-based policy instruments including Payments for Ecosystem Services

    • Adapting to climate change in peatland and agri-food

    • Balancing priorities in multi-functional landscapes

    • Food security, land use, conservation and agricultural policy

    • ​Land degradation processes and sustainable management of drylands and peatlands

Mark Reed giving a lecture
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