What I Do

I am a transdisciplinary researcher specialising in social innovation, research impact and stakeholder participation in agri-food systems. Specific areas of expertise include:


Knowledge exchange (aka. transfer, management, mobilisation) for impact:

  • Co-production of knowledge

  • Analysing pathways to impact (with a focus on the generation of new theory to understand how impacts from research are conceptualised, reported and perceived to contribute to rural policy and practice)

  • Eliciting and integrating different knowledges, including the study of local (aka. traditional, indigenous) knowledge

  • Boundary organisations and knowledge brokerage

  • Facilitation and the identification and management of power dynamics

  • Managing conflict in the natural environment


Stakeholder participation:

  • Stakeholder analysis (aka. mapping)

  • Participatory scenario development

  • Participatory monitoring and evaluation (with a focus on environmental indicators and citizen science)

  • Participatory (aka. mediated, dynamic systems) modelling

  • Deliberative processes and techniques

  • Cultural and shared values for the natural environment

  • Transdisciplinary research practices


Social innovation (in behaviours, technologies and social structures to support sustainable rural development)

  • Social learning

  • Socio-technical innovation and transitions management

  • Adaptive management

  • Social networks

  • Resilience and sustainable livelihoods in social-ecological systems

  • Novel environmental governance mechanisms based on collaborative management and new markets

  • Market-based policy instruments including Payments for Ecosystem Services


The rural environment

  • Adapting to climate change in agri-food and rural systems

  • Environmental and rural land use management

  • Environmental governance in agri-food and rural systems

  • Balancing priorities in multi-functional landscapes

  • Food security, land use, conservation and agricultural policy

  • Ecosystem services and the Ecosystems Approach

  • Land degradation in drylands and desertification

  • Peatland management